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Megan Perry
Welcome to 7th Grade Science! This is the class web site full of helpful information about Mrs. (Fredendall) Perry's class!

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Recent Posts

Science Current Events

Don't forget! Your first Science Current Event is due September 19th!

Make sure you complete all parts (Rough Draft Guide, Final Draft Paragraphs, Presentation Guide) so you are prepared for presentation day!

Welcome Back!

Keep your eyes on this website for helpful and important information about Science and Theater!

March Madness

On Friday, we were adding up the totals for this week's March Madness Panther Tracks winner. There was a miscommunication.


We will officially announce the winners AND THEN they will have the dress down.

Please pass this on to every 6th grader you can!!

Thank you!

Galileo Review Week

It's that time again!! We're taking our Galileo tests February 24-28th. Now is the perfect time to jump over to the Practice Corner and spend some time using the websites there! 

Project Update!


Students are required to complete 2 Anchor Activities this quarter and 1 Novel Project! Choose projects off the updated lists (found in the classroom or on the Projects page.

The first Anchor Activity is due Monday, February 10th.

Reading Logs!

Today, we are starting our reading logs! This is a daily homework assignment where students are asked to read 20 minutes a night and complete a short prompt. They will be checked every Friday in class!

Galileo Review Week

We are reviewing the skills we've been learning for the first 17 weeks of school to prepare for testing next week!

Now is a good time to study those notes a little each night!

Poem of the Week

Early Bird

Oh, if you’re a bird, be an early bird

And catch the worm for your breakfast plate.

If you’re a bird, be an early early bird—

But if you’re a worm, sleep late.

~Shel Silverstein

Poetry Unit Test This Friday!!

We will wrap up our poetry unit with a test on Friday 11/15. Students will be given a study guide on Thursday.


We're starting our poetry unit this week! Check back periodically for some of my favorite poems!!


It's Galileo Week!

Monday: Writing

Tuesday: Reading

Wednesday: 1/2 day (No Testing)

Thursday: Math

Friday: Science


REMINDER: Novel Projects & Anchor Activities are due on Wednesday!!

Due Date Approaching!

Novel Projects and Anchor Activities are due no later than Wednesday September 25.

Megan Perry
Seventh Grade Science, Middle School Theater
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